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Creation's Tiny Mystery
Appendix: Earth's Deeply Buried Foundation Rocks Revealed by Super Deep Drill Hole in Kola Penninsula

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According to the article "Inner Space," Science News, p. 267 (10/21/89):

  • ". . . geologists are often interested in studying the hard crystalline rocks that form the foundations of all continents. The Kola hole has warned scientists that they have much to learn about interpreting seismic surveys of crystalline rock."

  • "According to theory, the crust resembles a layer cake, with sedimentary rock layers on top, acidic granite-type rocks in the middle and thick sheets of basaltic rocks on the bottom."

  • "Yet when the drill actually reached a depth of 7.5 km, the scientists did not find basaltic rock. The Soviets now believe that if the basaltic layers exist, they must lie much deeper."

  • "Kola revealed how far from truth scientific theory can roam."

  • CONCLUSION: Granite-type rocks are the foundation rocks of the continents.

This conclusion is most important for it shows that the Po-halo evidence for creation exists in the very rocks—the foundations of the earth—that the Bible specifically links to God's act of creation (see page 323).

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