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Open Letter to ICR
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Part V

Identifying granites as the biblical foundations of the earth.

Everyone knows that a foundation to any structure is that upon which it is constructed or built. So there is no chance, guess work, or geological speculation involved as to the plain meaning of the word foundation, or foundations, when it comes to applying its meaning to the Earth. Likewise, God didn't leave it to chance, guess work, or any geological speculation, to identify the foundations of the Earth.

He directed events so that the issue would be settled unambiguously — even more than that — to actually be proven by direct experimental results. I refer to the fact that, over the last century or so, various oil companies, and others, have drilled deep into the Earth's crust on different continents. The result? Those drillings have repeatedly shown it is the granites and similar, hard crystalline rocks that form the foundations of all the continents. Indeed, independent of the many oil drillings, page 322 of my book, Creation's Tiny Mystery, cites the Oct. 21, 1989 Science News report (p. 267) of the Russian drill team who, in the 1980s, attempted to find a layer of basalt which geologists thought must exist somewhere deep in the granite in the Kola peninsula. But after going down to 39,000 feet, and finding nothing but granite, they gave up, saying that if the basalt layer existed at all, it must be much deeper.

Yes, they were resoundingly defeated in their efforts to find a layer of basalt beneath the granite because granites, and similar hard crystalline rocks, are an exact match with the biblical foundations of the Earth. Thus, from a biblical standpoint both granites and other hard crystalline rocks, such as granodiorite, diorite, syenite, and gabbro, are equally a part of Earth's primordial rocks.

This agrees exactly with my discovery — as repeatedly described in my scientific publications — that granites the world over have been imprinted with primordial polonium halos as God's signature of creation. So your Impact report of finding polonium halos in other granites than those I have reported about is exactly what I predicted many years ago. It all fits together precisely. So precisely, in fact, that only the God of Heaven, only the Ruler of the Universe, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, could possibly have planned it. Yes, our Creator God is the only One that could have imprinted Earth's foundation rocks with His Fingerprints. And He is still leading providentially in getting this evidence out to this perishing, unbelieving world through my book, Creation's Tiny Mystery, and through the videos, especially through Fingerprints of Creation, where you, Andrew, strongly affirm the great biblical and scientific truth that granites are rocks that God created. Yes, it's worth repeating:

By repeated deep drillings the world over, God insured there would be no doubt about this experimentally determined fact that granites are an exact match with the biblical foundations of the Earth. They are Earth's primordial rocks.

By this fact, and by the Bible's multiple references to the foundations of the earth as those rocks He created in the beginning, God made it as certain as possible that all who accepted His word with its plainest meaning would not be confused by the devil's counterfeit scheme. He was not about to let any man, whether atheist, agnostic, evolutionist, skeptic, scientist, or theologian — or anyone else — confuse this most wonderful truth, and detract from His glory in His great work of creation.

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