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Open Letter to ICR
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Appendix A

Failure of attempts to use cross-cutting of different rock types to disprove the primordial origin of granites and their enclosed polonium halos.

I briefly mention this topic because there have been many adversaries who have long sought to focus on something sufficiently vague to make it appear that certain geological features cast doubt on the primordial origin of both granites and their enclosed polonium halos. You may remember that over a decade ago they focused on the cross-cutting features of different rock types in certain granitic environments; such, they claimed, cast in doubt the primordial origin of some of the granites that hosted a few of the mica specimens in which I had found polonium halos. Although they did not admit to it, their conclusion was implicitly based on the assumption that all such cross-cutting features must be secondary, such as lava flowing from a volcanic source and intruding into various cracks and cleavages where such existed in the flow area. What they did was akin to what you are doing now, which was to use the plausibility-argument approach to give credence to their views. They arbitrarily decided that God would not create rocks to appear with cross-cutting features, and proceeded to invent a pseudo contradiction that was of their own devising.

Obviously, they didn't read my book before doing this, for on page 129, in the section where I respond to Brent Dalrymple's testimony at the Arkansas creation trial, I explained that my creation model could easily account for such features as being traceable to diverse primordial liquids being instantly formed into primordial granites with exactly the cross-cutting features seen in many granitic locations, instead of the cooling of hot magmas envisioned by evolutionary theory.

Indeed, on page 203 of Creation Tiny Mystery I note that God obviously created a very wide diversity of cross-cutting features in various rock formations, and moreover did so, not to confuse geologists, but that they might see proof of His creation. Yes, my friend Andrew, you know very well of what I speak because, in the Fingerprints video, you eloquently describe how the sharply defined boundaries, evident in the dark-and-light cross-cutting features in the granites and darker diorites at Palm Springs, are powerful evidence of granite's rapid creation. As you so ably point out, the lighter granites do not exhibit the thermal effects of the intrusion of a hot, darker, higher-melting-point magma. Your comparison of the primordial granites at Palm Springs with what happens when a hot magma actually does intrude a granitic rock, such as at Bishop, California, is one of the most easily understood and powerful geological evidences for the primordial origin of granites on the Fingerprints video.

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