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Open Letter to ICR
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This completes my prepublication response to Impact #353 and your email of 11/17/02. I remain much concerned that you have allowed yourself to become enmeshed in significant contradictions that will be quite difficult to extricate from except at great personal loss of face and perhaps significant financial loss as well. But far better, my friend, to heed my friendly counsel and immediately reverse the direction of your professional life. Even if ICR chooses not to retract the erroneous claims detailed herein, this will not prevent you from standing alone and doing so. It will take much courage, but the Lord is more than able to give the needed strength.

I am sincerely hoping this email will awaken you to a realization that you have been used as a pawn to accomplish what certain others have long wanted to accomplish. Heretofore they lacked a creationist of sufficient stature to make a credible try to disparage the evidence of God's great work of creation. Now, however, they have obviously persuaded you to attempt to supply that lack. For your sake I am hoping you will now see through such snares and break away before digging a deeper hole by further enmeshing yourself in these contradictions at the forthcoming Fifth ICC.

I very much hope to receive a positive response from you and ICR within the next few days. If nothing comes, I will assume you and ICR intend to maintain your present course. In that event, please be assured of my continued high personal esteem for you, even though of necessity I will then have to stand in opposition to you professionally.

I close by briefly referring to your attention Appendices A - C, each of which is self-contained and relevant to the issues discussed herein. I suggest you pay special attention to Appendix C. It shows that one of the world's leading evolutionary geologists continues to be at a loss to explain the tiny mystery of creation, and is not afraid to admit it, even after more than twenty years of searching for an answer. There is more that will be included in the published document, but your 11/17/02 email will not be.

As ever, your friend,

Bob Gentry

P.S. This draft document will be edited before publication. It will include a response to any claims you might make at the Fifth ICC which would call my results in question.

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