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Polonium Halos: Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation!

Gentry to Walker, 7/7/87


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  Earth Science Associates
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July 7, 1987

Dr. K. R. Walker, Head
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

Dear Dr. Walker:

On April 13, 1987, I spoke at the University of Tennessee Alumni Gym on the topic, "Should Creation Science Be Taught at UT?" In the presentation I explained the evidences for creation which I have discovered and also explained how the synthesis of a piece of granite would constitute a falsification of my evidence for creation. During the question and answer period Dr. Larry Taylor of your department came forward and claimed that granite synthesis had been accomplished on numerous occasions and that the reports of this synthesis had often appeared in the scientific literature. (This can be confirmed by many individuals who were present and also by the video tape which was taken of the presentation that evening.) Dr. Taylor went on to say that he could synthesize granite himself provided he had access to the proper equipment, specifically mentioning the Johnson Space Center as one location where he could do the synthesis.

Today I telephoned Dr. Taylor, intending to ask him whether he could provide me with the journal references on granite synthesis and whether he had successfully synthesized a piece of granite in the time since my presentation. After a few brief remarks to the effect that he didn't know who I was at the time of my presentation, he informed me that he intended to have nothing else to do with me and then uni1aterally abbreviated the conversation without supplying the references.

Despite this rebuff I am still interested in finding out whether references on granite synthesis actually exist. I assume that, as Head of the Department of Geological Sciences, you either know of the references on granite synthesis referred to by Dr. Taylor, or Dr. Taylor will supply that information to you, and you will then be able to forward the same to me. I shall look forward to hearing from you about this matter.


Robert V. Gentry

cc: Dr. Larry Taylor

Polonium Halos: Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation!

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