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Creation's Tiny Mystery

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Many years ago the TV mini-series Roots catapulted to fame Alex Haley, the African-American author whose book had traced in captivating words the record of the hardships of his forebears. This book too is about roots, for ultimately it deals with the "roots" of our planet and how and when it came into existence. My method of tracing those roots has been through probing the historical "records" of Earth's basement rocks. This quest for truth about origins unfolds a personal odyssey about my experiences in exploring the microscopic world enclosed within the foundation rocks of the earth. The central thesis of this book is that the Creator left decisive evidence enabling us to identify Earth's Genesis rocks. But genuine evidence for creation falsifies the evolution model of origins, irrespective of how many pieces of the evolutionary puzzle seem to fit together.

Ironically this edition's publication can be traced to the evolutionists themselves; it is they who are causing interest in it to continue to grow. Their actions are revealing something to the public about the workings of the scientific establishment previously hidden from view. It all can be traced to the culture of the day which, with strong backing from the media, has elevated scientists in general and evolutionists in particular to a preeminent status in society. This culture promotes modern scientists as being open-minded, always anxious to investigate and accept any discovery that might question, challenge, or overturn any well-established scientific theory, however esteemed that theory may be. It's a culture that strongly promotes the scientific community's protocol for communication through peer-reviewed scientific journals. The crucial link missing from this culture is that all evolutionary theories are critically hinged on a set of assumptions which my discoveries disprove. The public generally has no awareness of this most important fact because those controlling the scientific journals have long projected evolutionary underlying assumptions are beyond question. Thus the public believes any claim of significant contradiction to the theory of evolution repeatedly published in leading scientific journals would immediately become the centerpiece of worldwide scientific inquiry.

Even more than this book's earlier editions, of which this one is a replica except for minor updates, the lapse of time has now proven this perception is a myth. What has occurred since the earlier editions were published should open the eyes of all who are seeking for truth about origins. In particular, my many publications in the world's leading scientific journals have stood for decades as a continuing invitation for the world's scientific evolutionary elite to investigate and respond to—and if possible refute—my published evidence of God's tiny mystery of creation in the [p. xiii] rocks He created. Of great significance is the fact that editors of these journals would have published long ago anything that genuinely refuted this scientific evidence, if such had been forthcoming. Indeed, the reason I spent decades publishing in those peer-reviewed journals was to give eminent evolutionists the best opportunity to refute the evidence for creation before the global scientific community. Their failure to do so has given them opportunity to forthrightly admit in those same scientific journals that evolution's basic assumptions are falsified by the scientific discoveries that confirm Earth is the product of a virtually instantaneous creation. But that hasn't happened.

Instead there has only been a deafening silence in those journals for over two decades concerning this evidence of Earth's rapid creation, a silence that reveals neither the world's scientific elite nor anyone else has a genuine answer for God's great works of creation. It also clearly proves that the world's evolutionary establishment is adamantly opposed to exposing their failure to the attention of the world. So they continue to keep this issue buried from public view. Their conspiracy of silence shows they face an impossible task. Whereas evolutionary geology's cornerstone assumption is that granite rocks formed naturally under the same physical laws now observed, all the many laboratory attempts to verify this hypothesis have failed. First Corinthians 1:27 aptly describes their frustration from continuing efforts to deny this result: "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. . . ." Yes, their utter failure to synthesize natural granite rocks and their enclosed creation halos proves the stones are crying out (Luke 19:40). God not only placed His record of Earth's rapid creation in its Genesis rocks, the granites, but also devised a way so that all seeking the truth about our beginnings could arrive at certainty in their search by observing the inability of scientists to refute the evidence for creation.

The Great 21st Century Scientific Watergate involves not just a few persons, as in the political situation of the 1970s, but the worldwide community of evolutionists and scientific journal editors who are engaged in suppressing this evidence. This Watergate is not confined to discoveries of Earth's rapid creation and young age. My ongoing research in the last decade or so has resulted in two exciting new astronomical and cosmic discoveries, the first, that of finding a fatal flaw in Big Bang cosmology. This led to the second, rather amazing discovery of a new model of the cosmos with a nearby universal Center, so close in fact that it may be within our Galaxy. A scientific report describing this discovery, titled "A New Redshift Interpretation," was published in Modern Physics Letters A, Vol. 12, No. 37 (1997).

On February 28, 2001, ten additional scientific papers describing this model, and also proving why the Big Bang is invalid, were deleted by scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory before their scheduled release to the world on the arXiv, the National Science Foundation-sponsored e-print server that has now become the accepted medium of rapid communication for all fields of physics. [p. xiv] Administration of this U. S. government-sponsored arXiv has since been transferred to Cornell University, and both they and the NSF continue the same censorship that was begun at Los Alamos. This extraordinary censorship proves astronomers are even more concerned than geologists of the reverberations that will occur if these papers are released to the worldwide scientific community. Thus to preserve the status quo they are willing to deny me First Amendment rights of freedom of speech. Readers can better understand the reason for their desperation efforts to suppress these ten papers as they now see their main title, "Flaws in the Big Bang Point to GENESIS, A New Millennium Model of the Cosmos." The full contents of these papers, plus details of my ongoing attempts to overturn the discriminatory actions of evolutionary astronomers and cosmologists, are described on The U. S. Congress needs to know that the NSF, which is authorized by it to impartially support scientific research in all disciplines, has acted directly contrary to its Congressional mandate by agreeing to continue to suppress the release of my papers on the NSF-Cornell sponsored arXiv. American taxpayers—especially those who have Christian beliefs—need to know their monies are being used by the NSF to squelch scientific evidence for God's creatorship of the universe, just as surely as other evolutionists in high places are suppressing discussion of my published scientific papers of His rapid creation of the Earth.

Readers may access and for updates on my ongoing interaction with the scientific community, and through this latter site they may also find how to obtain our two video/DVD documentaries, Fingerprints of Creation and The Young Age of the Earth, both of which have aired on various public television stations. This book and these videos point to one great scientific fact: the One and only Creator God chose to call attention to the literal Genesis six-day creation of the Earth as given in the Fourth Commandment (Exodus 20:8-11), "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: Wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and hallowed it." Thus God's imprinting Earth's foundation rocks, the granites (p. 323), with creation halos, His unique signature of its rapid creation (Psalms 33:6, 9), forever links the Creator of the universe with His Ten Commandments, and shows this Creation Commandment is as immutable as God Himself. Significant affirmation of this great truth comes from my recent discovery that this tiny mystery of creation is embedded within the Mt. Sinai granite, the same rock God used to inscribe the Ten Commandments given to Moses (Exodus 34:1-4).

Finally, I have been exceptionally fortunate that my wife, Patricia, daughter, Patti Lynn, and sons, Michael and David, have been supporters throughout the many years of my research. This book could not have been written without my wife's unfailing assistance. She collaborated on many of the chapters and oversaw all editorial changes during the numerous manuscript revisions. And we remain greatly indebted to those who continue to pray for our research.

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