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From:   esa
To:   Guilherme Ramos Sens
Date:   Thursday, August 19, 2004 9:16 PM
Subject:   Bob Gentry: Creation halos and center of universe discoveries used to refute evolutionary polemics aimed at Brazilian med student's origins website

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From:   "Guilherme Ramos Sens"
To:   esa
Sent:   Monday, August 16, 2004 7:25 PM
Subject:   polonium radiohalos

Dear friends,

I ask apologies for contacting you about this matter, but because of the distance, this is the best way to do it. I am sorry about my English. I can read and listen well, but expressing myself in English is difficult for me. My name is Guilherme Ramos Sens. I am 26 years old, and I am a medical student in Federal University of Santa Catarina State, a city of Florianópolis, Brazil.

In 1999 I began to study origins, and of course, the conflict between creationism and evolution. In 2002 I had contact with the videos The Young Age of the Earth and Fingerprints of Creation through my father who is also a student of origins. Well, in 2002 I created a discussion group by e-mail for those interested in a discussion about origins, including evolutionists and creationists, and those of other denominations. The group has had different kinds of moments, good, and not so good. In a recent discussion about the Polonium Haloes, a evolutionist member of group sent us an article . . . by Thomas A. Baillieul written on July 17th, 2003. . . .

To explain the arguments of the article one has to have a deep knowledge of both Gentry's work and geology. So I am asking if you know of this article and have an interest in refuting it.

I will be grateful if you can help us to answer the arguments of this article.

Thanks to all,

May God bless your work with His good will.

Guilherme Ramos Sens

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Dear friend Guilherme Ramos Sens,

I am most pleased to hear that the Adventist Media Center videos, Fingerprints of Creation and The Young Age of the Earth, have been useful for setting up a creation discussion group on the internet from your location in Brazil. Moreover, I am sure your position as a medical student is giving your site credibility. And with this credibility I am not at all surprised to hear that the evolutionists who have chanced onto your site are trying to undermine its credibility by attacking the polonium-halo evidence for creation. What you need is more information about what they are attempting to do, and I am most pleased to assist in this respect.

Briefly, to begin, those who are claiming to have found a natural explanation of polonium halos in granites are trying to hoodwink the unwary. They are misrepresenting the facts.

Despite what you find on various evolutionist websites, polonium halos — actually creation halos — are well and alive as unequivocal evidence of God's fiat creation of planet Earth. The reason evolutionists and others post objections on the internet is because they cannot get any reputable scientific journal to publish their claims. The journal editors know their claims are spurious. And were they to be published, the same editors know it would only expose the huge fallacies in their claims and thus emphasize the fact that evolutionists cannot overthrow God's evidence for his great works of creation. So, if they were to venture to do this, evolution would rapidly be discredited, and the editors know it. Nevertheless, I believe that day of reckoning is coming independent of any activity on their part. In my view God is going to provide circumstances for this to happen. And I believe that it will occur soon.

On my website, you will find most of my book, Creation's Tiny Mystery, which details decades of my research findings, including about 20 reports published in the world's leading scientific journals, providing the scientific evidence supporting God's Fingerprints of Creation. I spent decades going through standard scientific review processes to get my reports published in order to give evolutionists — and anyone else — every opportunity to refute this evidence, if they could. After several decades these results stand unrefuted. Evolutionists have failed to refute them because it was impossible for them to do so, and for two very good reasons.

First, because geologists claim that granites formed naturally, this means it should be possible to reproduce a small piece of granite in the lab under the same conditions under which geologists presume that giant granite monoliths formed. For that reason over 25 years ago, in the pages of EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union, I issued a challenge to the entire geological community to reproduce just a single hand-sized piece of granite in the lab to confirm their unverified assumption that granites formed naturally. Their abject failure to do this is discussed in Chapter 15 and other places in my book, which you can access at All the experiments attempting to do this always have ended with a formation of a rock that is significantly different from the texture of granite. For decades there has been nothing but failure and more failure. Moreover, and just as significantly, never have any of the synthetic rocks from such experiments contained the creation halos, as does granite itself.

But neither evolutionists nor others who oppose my discoveries for creation admit to this failure and the absence of creation halos in synthetic rocks. They know that to do so would be an admission that evolution and all its variants have been experimentally falsified.

The great significance here is that the Bible identifies the foundations of the Earth as the very rocks God called into existence at Creation (Heb. 1:10; Ps. 102:25). Since granites are Earth's foundation rocks it is evident that He wanted to scientifically affirm His divine authorship of creation for this supposedly high-tech generation. So if they now reject Him as Creator — even after this widely published creation halo evidence has withstood scientific scrutiny for decades without being overturned — then in the great judgment they will not be able to plead the excuse that science led them astray to justify themselves in their belief in evolution.

Evolutionists also claim creation halos in granites formed naturally rather than being the result of God's supernatural creation. So again, by their own admission, it must be possible to reproduce them in the lab in the here and now. Their deafening silence about their continuing failure to do this is also discussed in my book, both in Chapter 15, and in earlier chapters. In other words, the entire basis of all evolutionary geology and age dating has long ago been falsified by experiments performed in the lab along with the indelible imprints of His Fingerprints in Earth's Genesis rocks. But evolutionists and others opposed to the distribution of these results are not only doing their best to hide from it themselves, but are surreptitiously doing all in their power to cast these results in doubt and thus dissuade Christians, especially Christian religious leaders, from taking a strong stand supporting Genesis' literal six days of creation and God's seventh day of rest. In essence, they have formed a conspiracy of silence to evade what they cannot overthrow, in spite of the fact that the Genesis record of creation is unambiguously restated in the Fourth of the Ten Commandments.

Put simply, evolutionists, as well as certain presumed scholars, are trying to gain by subterfuge what they have failed to gain by scientific methods. They claim evolution, or one of the variants they personally support, is proven by science, whereas the scientific facts prove just the opposite. To camouflage their dismal failures they attempt to divert attention away from the truth by constructing web sites full of a lot of obscure geological terminology and mineralogical descriptions that they hope will confuse lay persons and hide the hopelessness of the cause they advocate. Especially have they tried to use the popular idea of so-called age dating and an anciently evolving Earth — sometimes along with highly imaginative stories of dinosaurs living long ago — in an attempt to spread doubt about the creation halo evidence that scientifically affirms God's calling the Earth and the cosmos into existence by the breath of his mouth (Ps. 33:6, 9) during the first six days of creation week.

That being the case, I am most pleased to learn you have already utilized the Adventist Media Center videos, Fingerprints of Creation and The Young Age of the Earth, for both of them expose the flaws in the basic assumptions of the so-called age dating techniques and strongly affirm Earth's young age. In fact, because of the importance of these videos in scientifically affirming the Genesis record, I am now moving toward having both of them available for viewing on our website for anyone with internet access. Likewise for my book.

My book is especially relevant for all who are searching for the truth about origins, for it contains reprints of my scientific reports and explains in great detail the implications of the experiments that prove that the creation halos are truly of primordial origin. It further recounts how evolutionists are trying their best to censor dissemination of this evidence for creation at every opportunity. They realize it cannot be overthrown and fear the day when their suppression of it will be exposed. They are fighting against God and don't realize it. They are to be pitied.

And there is much more. In the past decade the Lord has also helped me discover huge flaws in the big bang theory and also to formulate a new creation model of the universe that glorifies Him as Creator. All this is available on my other web site, There you will find that, here again, evolutionists in high places in the government and academia — including many of the very scientists who claim to support freedom of scientific inquiry — are doing everything possible to suppress and censor these latest discoveries to prevent them from becoming a part of open scientific discussion. Indeed, what they truly fear is the effect on the general public – especially those comprising the worldwide Christian community — when the latter find that our Creator God not only left his Fingerprints of Creation in Earth's Genesis rocks but also purposefully placed his Celestial Fingerprints of Creation in the universe at the time He called it into existence during creation week. These Celestial Fingerprints point unambiguously to a universal Center of the Universe which is astronomically nearby, near enough in fact to be within our own Galaxy.

What is the significance of this discovery? First, things could not be worse for those who have long promoted the big bang theory as truth for the beginning of the universe. The reason is that a no-center universe is one of the foundational assumptions upon which the big bang theory is built. In it everywhere in the universe must be the same in order for the theory to work at all. So for over seventy years big bang astronomers and cosmologists have committed one of the greatest faux pas in the history of science in denying the overwhelming astronomical proof that this nearby Center does exist. Yes, in order to promote the big bang myth they denied the most basic rule of scientific inquiry and resorted to inventing a theory which is contradicted by the plainest experimental facts. Indeed, even a casual reading of their views shows they admit to strongly resisting the evidence for the existence of a nearby Center because it conflicts with the big bang theory. I am writing a new book that will bring this out in detail, one that will reveal just how badly the worldwide scientific community and the general public have been led astray by this deception. In it I plan to show the opposition of the world's leading astronomers to this discovery exists because they realize an admission of astronomical proof of a nearby Center unquestionably focuses attention on the fact that only God the Creator could have so constructed the Universe. Indeed, as my website shows, it's this information, and its implications for the literal six-day Genesis creation, that many evolutionists and certain others are determined to suppress.

Nevertheless, the Lord of heaven and Earth arranged to get this discovery out to the world in spite of their efforts to suppress it. Many Christians of all faiths are rejoicing to have seen it and to have already begun to comprehend the tremendous spiritual implications connected with God providing such powerful proof of Himself as Creator of everything.

It all came out two weeks ago, during the week of Aug. 1-7, when Trinity Broadcasting Network on three occasions aired worldwide Dr. Carl Baugh's interview with me on his Creation in the 21st Century program. In that program, Center of the Universe, I discussed both the astronomical evidence for this nearby Center and its biblical identification as the very Throne of God where Christ is now ministering His blood for us as our great High Priest in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary (Heb. 8 and 10; Rev. 1 and 5). This is none other than the Command Center of the Universe. To me it's exciting to realize that God has stepped out of the box so to speak and graciously revealed that his Throne and Sanctuary are quite nearby. And I am further impressed after contemplating it that it may have been in God's Providence for this discovery to occur at this particular time in Earth history. To me it indicates that something of vast significance is going on there preparatory to the very soon visible return of Christ (Mat. 24:27; 1 Thess. 4:15-18).

Additionally, the week before airing Center of the Universe, Trinity Broadcasting Network aired the first of Carl Baugh's interviews with me, titled Creation's Signature, which of course is about the Fingerprints of Creation in Earth's Genesis rocks. This program aired on three occasions during the week of July 24-31. Additionally, about a year ago, on August 21, 2003, the Lord opened the door for me to be interviewed worldwide live on these same topics during Trinity's two-hour Praise the Lord program. From it we received much positive response and over 80,000 hits on our website.

I believe the foregoing events were in the Providence of God. I believe they were a direct answer to the many prayers of our dedicated Christian friends who are — along with son Mike and daughter Patti Lynn, and their spouses — daily interceding in behalf of Christ's continuing to use Pat and me and son David, as his medical work permits, to faithfully fulfill our part in reaching out to those who sit in darkness. Jesus said the night is coming and that we should work while it is day. We believe the day is far spent.

So we thank the Lord daily for the increasing opportunities to witness for Him as we seek for the intervention and power of the Holy Spirit that Christ promised to give to those who ask. It's a great time to be alive and have a part in the ongoing proclamation of the everlasting gospel's call to "worship Him who made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters" (Rev. 14:6-7), and of Christ as our very soon-coming King.

May the Lord continue to bless your efforts to use His Fingerprints of Creation in the heavens and the Earth to glorify Him and bring others to a saving knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus.

I have DVDs of the programs referenced above. They can be sent to you, if you so desire. Let me know.

In the Master's service,

Bob Gentry

P.S. Hope the above helps. My intention was to write only a brief response. But ideas kept coming so I decided to include everything.

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