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Disproof of Foundational Assumption


Disproof of Big Bang's Foundational Expansion Redshift Assumption Overthrows the Big Bang and Its No-Center Universe and Is Replaced by a Spherically Symmetric Model with Nearby Center with the 2.73K CMR Explained by Vacuum Gravity and Doppler Effects

Robert V. Gentry

American Physical Society April Meeting, Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Oral Session

Abstract: Big bang theory holds its central expansion redshift assumption quickly reduced the theorized radiation flash to ~1010 K, and then over 13.8 billion years reduced it further to the present 2.73K CMR. Weinberg claims this 2.73K value agrees with big bang theory so well that "...we can be sure that this radiation was indeed left over from a time about a million years after the 'big bang.'" (TF3M, p. 180, 1993 ed.) Actually his conclusion is all based on big bang's in-flight wavelength expansion being a valid physical process. In fact all his surmising is nothing but science fiction because our disproof of GR-induced in-flight wavelength expansion [1] definitely proves the 2.73K CMR could never have been the wavelength-expanded relic of any radiation, much less the presumed big bang's. This disproof of big bang's premier prediction is a death blow to the big bang as it is also to the idea that the redshifts in Hubble's redshift relation are expansion shifts; this negates Friedmann's everywhere-the-same, no-center universe concept and proves it does have a nearby Center, a place which can be identified in Psalm 103:19 and in Revelation 20:11 as the location of God's eternal throne. Widely published (Science, Nature, ARNS) evidence of Earth's fiat creation will also be presented.

Ad in the April 13, 2015, Issue of The Washington Post


Greatest Cosmic Surprise Ever:
The Big Bang Goes Bust

Tomorrow on April 14th, I will refute the world's most highly esteemed scientific theory — Big Bang cosmology — as part of the April 2015 meeting of the American Physical Society in the Holiday Room 1 of the Baltimore Hilton at 12:20 PM. The abstract's title is: "Disproof of Big Bang's Foundational Expansion Redshift Assumption Overthrows the Big Bang and Its No Center Universe and Is Replaced by a Spherically Symmetric Model with Nearby Center with the 2.73K CMR Explained by Vacuum Gravity and Doppler Effects."

This overview focuses on this refutation as opposed to the scientific certainty of the creation account in Genesis 1 and Exodus 20:8-11. Few Americans know of this certainty because the strong atheistic lobby has blocked my widely published and unrefuted scientific reports in Science, Nature, and Annual Review of Nuclear Science from coming to the center of scientific attention. Those reports (see halos.com) describe a special type of radioactivity in Earth's basement rocks that provide unambiguous evidence of Earth's fiat creation which agrees with Psalm 33:6, 9.

Atheists know this evidence overthrows their views; so for decades they have maintained a continuing cover-up of scientific Genesis, while coincidentally picturing the big bang as the ultimate theory of origins. Tomorrow I intend to expose the greatest atheistic ploy ever hatched to accomplish this deception. Atheism will never be the same. It will sink to the lowest point of the Marianas Trench. Some parts of big bang's disproof are technical and thus unsuitable for this overview. But the main part is easy to understand, and it is to this that I now turn attention.

Steven Weinberg, author of the bestseller 'The First Three Minutes,' (widely acclaimed as the greatest living theoretical physicist) and Stephen Hawking, author of his bestseller, 'A Brief History of Time,' (of equal standing with Weinberg) have long known that Edwin Hubble's explanation of his 1929 discovery that distant galaxy redshifts are proportional to their distances posed the most important question as to the nature of the redshifts. And they have also known that he based his redshift discovery on the central assumption that all galaxies were moving everywhere away from each other, instead of moving away from a nearby center. The latter was due to his strong atheistic aversion to any explanation that could even hint of God, but this is not all. Even more Weinberg and Hawking also bought into Hubble's assumption that Hubble's redshifts are due to light wavelengths expanding with the theorized expansion of the universe — and used it as the foundational assumption of the big bang, but without ever testing it. The climax is that I did the testing that they failed to do and discovered big bang's so-called expansion redshifts don't even exist; in truth they have always been phantom redshifts, which means the Big Bang has always been nothing but a phantom theory. With this disproof there is now only one explanation of Hubble's redshift relation and that is it means the galaxies of the universe are all moving away from a nearby Center of the Universe which is none other than the eternal Throne of God referred to in Psalm 103:19 and Revelation 20:11.

So in one fell swoop our discovery obliterates all of big bang cosmology, including the idea that the 2.73 K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation is the wavelength-shifted relic radiation from the big bang. I suggest pandemonium among big bang cosmologists is soon to come over this discovery, because the world will soon recognize this discovery as revealing the greatest cover-up ever conceived by physicists.

In conclusion, the Ockham's razor interpretation of Hubble's redshift relation shows unequivocally that galaxies are in fact everywhere receding away from a nearby center in a spherically symmetric pattern, which is none other than God's throne (Psalm 103:17 and Revelation 20:11) at the true center of the universe, a fact which God obviously designed at the Genesis creation 6,000 years ago to show His Rulership and Creatorship of the universe and, of course, to forever show the fallacies of atheism's no-God universe.

Robert Gentry, Knoxville, TN
Polonium Halos: Unrefuted Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation!

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